Argan Oil Has Its Ways

There so many essential oils out there, and they are used for a variety of purposes. Whether it is for medical, cosmetic, or therapeutic reasons, the right essential oil at the right time can provide relief and vitality.

Every day, more people are starting businesses in the health and wellness industry. This means a few things, but for the everyday consumer, it means lower prices, and often – freebies! You can sign up to a newsletter or what not, and receive free samples of different products. Many times, these will be sent to you, and the company will ask for a genuine review of the product. This is one marketing strategy that I can get behind. No paying for reviews, no shady deals, and no link-pushing. You like it? Let others know. You didn’t like it? Let us know how we can improve. Simple.

So, I ended up ordering an argan oil hair conditioner. This was in the recent winter, and I felt I needed something new to spruce up my locks. It did the job nicely. I sent them a review, gave them a 4 out of 5 (because I felt it was a bit too watery when it first arrived), and I have been enjoying their products in the summer too. This is not a marketing blog, so I am not going to name names. But let’s just say that argan essential oil is one which I can see does a lot of good for my hair and my scalp. I was never really prone to dandruff, but I would occassionally flake, especially in the winter. And after using this conditioner several times – I wash once a week – I saw that there was a better feeling, and less flakes overall. I guess I needed some argan and lavender in my body.

Getting free samples of cosmetics products is great. It lets you experiment with various substances and consistencies, without spenidng a dime. Plus, sometimes, there will be an e-book or newslater which can help you grow a bit smarter. Sometimes. This does not apply to all companies. Some of them could be scams, no doubt. Not sure how that works, really, but I never felt cheated or otherwise wronged by any of these companies. Some of them had better products than others, and I know this because I gave each one of them a try, or sometimes more than a try. These sample products are often enough for a while, since some products are only used once or twice a week. Honeydew products has amazing products and if your interested in a free sample check them out!

Being able to try out different substances and seeing which ones are the ones which you react best to – this is what is so great about the internet. You help these companies out by providing a real review, and they help you by sending you products to try out. I see it as a win-win. Obviously, if the website or company look shady, steer clear. Another thing? Don’t trust everything you read online. Not even this blog post! 🙂 Check out shop natures design facebook page as well as all of their amazing products.

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