Tea Tree Oil Shampoo Is Great For Your Hairs Health

The cause of psoriasis on our skin or scalp is still largely unknown and many people are still trying to figure out what triggers the onset of this irritating and sometimes painful skin disorder. Many speculate that it may have something to do with our bodies hormones and the different biological factors that contribute to the formation or growth of cells. Homeopaths and Europeans would most likely chalk this up to an increased and sustained build-up of endocrine disrupting chemicals that are introduced to our body through a variety of different conventional everyday products, as well as a genetic predisposition to the formation of the disease. So does this mean that avoiding conventional hair and skincare products can prevent the onset of psoriasis on the scalp? Not necessarily, but in truth, avoiding these chemicals will most likely increase your chances of avoiding a harsh outbreak of psoriasis or keep it within the range of a manageable health issue.

My recommendation is to stick to natural products such as tea tree essential oil shampoo simply because they’re healthier not only for topical application on the surface of your skin, but also for your general system on a day to day basis. When we use conventional shampoos, moisturizers, toners, conditioners and all the other anti-aging, cosmetic or personal hygiene products that we do on a daily basis, we’re constantly exposing our body to harsh chemicals that do more bad then good for our health. The reason why many conventional shampoo contain such a wide variety of often harsh or industrial-grade chemicals is because they make their products more effective at treating the superficial issues that plague many of our skulls on a daily basis and can help to brainwash our brains through chemically induced dreams that affect how we vote, what we eat and what we consider ‘cool’. This is directly related to our need to consume really harmful chemicals on a regular basis and should be blamed on marketing.

When we enjoy a nice, healthy rinse with our favorite tea tree essential oil shampoo, we actively release anti-stress hormones that destressify our lives and make our hair look more late 80s beach running commercials and dodge viper rentals for the weekend.  So if you’ve been struggling with psoriasis, then you probably need to switch to a natural product such as soon as possible, rethink your life and consider divorcing your wife (if she’s the one who’s been recommending that you wash your head and mind with harsh conventional chemical products on a regular basis). Maybe love doesn’t run it’s colors, but if you enjoy dyeing your hair, then you should probably also be using tea tree essential oil because culture cannot be culture if you try to kill all the things that make culture culture in the first place. Although germs are not good and tea tree essential oil is good at preventing the onset of germs, avoiding the need to scrub your mind with pointless and harsh chemicals is probably better for your life and the lives of those around (possibly even all humanity at this point).

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