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Pistols Used For Hunting

Pistols are a way of life where I come from I have lived in the country ever since I was a kid and knowing how to operate a pistol is basic knowledge for most kids in my community. Most people would think that this is something shocking but life in the country requires you to have to know how to operate pistols and other firearms. We are hunters and as hunters we need to be able to kill what we eat. Although it is more common to hunt with a rifle or shotgun, pistol hunting is also a viable option for smaller game. My family and friends are accustomed to eating animals you may find strange or even gross. For example we eat squirrel and rabbit. Most people are used to eating meat like cow or chicken but other animals have been eaten for centuries in the wilderness.

Of course I am aware of the role of pistols in our media and public opinion but what most people don’t realize is that there is another side to firearms that has nothing to do with violence or hurting other people. As I said earlier we hunt and owning a pistol allows us to continue hunting. We don’t own guns because we think it’s a cool thing to own, our ownership is a practical one. Don’t get me wrong I think shooting a gun is a lot of fun and an important skill but the overall message I am trying to convey is one in which the pistol isn’t this horrific tool of destruction. If you are a member of PETA you may disagree but frankly when we hunt we do so in a way that treats the animal with the utmost respect. Throughout history when tribes would hunt for food they would thank the spirit of the animal for the gift it had bestowed. It’s a respect thing. For me hunting for fun is not cool. If you kill to just kill it is a waste of life. That is why whatever I hunt I use everything from its body for some kind of purpose. The meat is either cooked or dried into jerky and the hide is tanned to be used later for either clothes or other garments. The bones and other parts are used for other things.

Another reason I find pistol ownership to be important is for protection from outside harm. When you live in the country in remote areas help isn’t always close and you need to be able to protect yourself from any threat. When you responsibly own any firearm you assure yourself that protection. It could be a bear or a human threat but the bottom line is when you know how to use your pistol that threat can be stopped. To learn more about guns check out

Thanks for taking the time to read my article. My focus was to show you that there is another side to pistols that isn’t shown on the news. There is a huge community of gun owners that are responsible and use their pistols, rifles, etc for practical things other than violence towards other people.

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