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Tesla is one of the best cars on the market right now. After you drive one you realize that any other car on the market is in the past. Once you step into one you realize how far behind every other car on the market is to the Tesla. That’s before you even drive it. The car has no gages in it, the only thing in it is a huge touch screen that tells you everything you need to know about the car. Once you actually turn on this car and drive it you really see its superiority over every other vehicle. Since it is electric it has so much acceleration. It has a crazy 0-60 time and can literally through your head back into your seat. It also has amazing handling, this is from the battery being evenly distributed along the bottom of the car. Usually cars have a hard time distributing weight since engines are really heavy and they are all in one spot. The battery is the heaviest part of the Tesla which is evenly distributed along the bottom of the car. The car can turn on a dime. It handles like a dream. Driving it on the highway, it was so easy to swerve in and out of traffic like a pro. The car could turn really easily at high speed. The car handles so well at high speed. Other cars are decades behind the Tesla. It is obvious when you fly past other cars on the highway. This is all not even including the self driving feature. The car can literally drive itself. It has an auto drive feature. You have to legally be awake and aware while using the auto drive feature. It is really the future of cars. When cars can drive themselves it will revolutionize the transportation industry. Then you can take your car to work and then set it to uber mode and make money on it. It will make it really cheap to get anywhere since almost every car on the road will be an uber and you won’t need to pay for the service. You’ll only have to pay for the electricity.

The problem is that most people really like the idea of an electric car because it does not burn fossil fuels. Electricity seems to be the answer to the fossil fuel issue. The problem is that most electricity comes from burning coal. Burning coal puts a ton of carbon into the atmosphere. If everyone drove an electric car and the electricity came from burning coal what would the point even be to driving electric cars. There would be less carbon if everyone just drove a gas car. The only thing that would solve this problem is if people change their electrical needs to solar, wind, and water based power sources. If people got the electricity for their cars from these sources it wouldn’t take a strain on the environment.

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