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Sometimes, opting for a slower, more natural and more preventative approach to medicine is a better way to treat and prevent a variety of internal and topical health ailments, and I hope that buy explaining the various effects of thyme based on the chemical components of the plant as well as the potent essential oil that is derived from the herb itself.

The Romans really popularized the herb as they saw thyme as a symbol of courage and honor and would often adorn their soldiers with a sprig of time in order to bless them before going into battle. The Roman emperors used to use the herb in their baths as they believed it could help to treat the effects of poison.

Thyme is essentially a low-lying perennial shrub and can be cultivated through the seeds or by replanting sprigs into the ground. The plant is most typically common to areas close to or around the Mediterranean basin, but is currently grown in regions all around the world because it’s a hardy plant that can get by without that much water.

Besides thymol, thyme (and thyme essential oil) contains a number of other potent chemical compounds such as  p-cymene, myrcene, borneol, and linalool. These help to boost the natural antiseptic and repellant nature of the essential oil – making it ideal for treating wounds from infectious bacteria, preventing the occurrence of infectious parasites and helping to strengthen hair, skin and the general immune system.

Looking back into history, some of the earliest mention of thyme being used as a herb, particularly for spiritual purposes comes from the ancient Egyptians. They used to use the herb for embalming their dead pharaohs. However, it was the ancient Greeks who first realized the immense medicinal benefits of the herb and used to use it to treat a variety of topical and internal health ailments as well as a flavoring for different dishes or types of food.

The essential oil of thyme is produced through an age-old method known as steam-distillation and this method is still, to date, the most effective way of producing the highest quality essential oil from organic material. This is also the preferred method of extraction for medical-grade natural oils and helps to produce a final product that is free from chemical solvents or other impurities that may happen as a result of solvent based extraction methods.

The health benefits of thyme are well-known to us now thanks to the advances in scientific research and analysis technology that is currently available, however the health properties of this amazing herb have been carried down throughout history by a number of different people.

Thyme and thyme essential oil have also been known to help reduce the occurrence of breast cancer in women and colon cancer in both men and women when included in a diet on a regular basis or added to an essential oil blend and ingested orally. Studies have found that the strong chemical compounds that exist within thyme help to encourage cell apoptosis with regards to cancerous cells, ultimately causing their death and therefore preventing the onset of any serious stages of cancer.

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Should you Postpone Retirement to Pay Debts?

Credit card debt, or debt in general for that matter, is something that is always best addressed sooner rather than later. There’s nothing worse then coming to the end of your career, only to find bills piling up on your doorstep like there’s no tomorrow. So, as an alternative, it might be better for you to find ways to better manage your debt while you’re still in a job and earning an income as this in when you’re bet equipped to deal with the issue. However, should you find yourself unemployed or retired and you still have debt to take care of, I would recommend that you either find a job in order to pay back what you owe or tuck into your savings (should you have any) in order to pay it off. Taking out a loan to pay-off the debt isn’t advisable as this will only create more debt and get you deeper into trouble. If you don’t have enough savings to support yourself and pay off your debt, finding a job is probably the most likely way you’re going to get rid of the outstanding amount. Personal debts to friends are a different story as sometimes an agreement can be met whereby both party benefits and the outstanding amount is either paid of in a way that suits the debtor best or in some cases the outstanding amount can be cleared out of goodwill or on completion of favor as per the creditors demands etc.

However, in the case of having debt with a financial institution such as a bank or any other business for that matter, it can be a lot harder to have the issue resolved. In many cases, the elderly will rely on pension funds, savings or assets to clear their debts provided they haven’t already gotten rid of them. Sometimes they rely on their children or relatives to provide them with the money in the interim. While this may be an option, many would prefer to pay their debts themselves and therefore either leave retirement to find work or post-pone retirement until the debt has been paid.

During this time, it’s important that you spend your money carefully, stay within a tight budget and always try to have at least 2-3 months worth of cash saved up in case of an emergency (unless this amount will cover the debt in the first-place, in which case it’s best to use it for that). This will help to ensure that you have enough money each month to live, enough in case of an emergency and still be able to effectively pay off your debt after your retirement.

But at the end of the day you can’t bring any money with you to the afterlife. Even though many ancient societies tried to, look at ancient Egyptian burial customs. Why not live your life to the fullest. You can’t bring your credit score with you nor does it really matter if you die with debt. So maybe the answer is to spend away and enjoy your life when you are in retirement.



Tesla is one of the best cars on the market right now. After you drive one you realize that any other car on the market is in the past. Once you step into one you realize how far behind every other car on the market is to the Tesla. That’s before you even drive it. The car has no gages in it, the only thing in it is a huge touch screen that tells you everything you need to know about the car. Once you actually turn on this car and drive it you really see its superiority over every other vehicle. Since it is electric it has so much acceleration. It has a crazy 0-60 time and can literally through your head back into your seat. It also has amazing handling, this is from the battery being evenly distributed along the bottom of the car. Usually cars have a hard time distributing weight since engines are really heavy and they are all in one spot. The battery is the heaviest part of the Tesla which is evenly distributed along the bottom of the car. The car can turn on a dime. It handles like a dream. Driving it on the highway, it was so easy to swerve in and out of traffic like a pro. The car could turn really easily at high speed. The car handles so well at high speed. Other cars are decades behind the Tesla. It is obvious when you fly past other cars on the highway. This is all not even including the self driving feature. The car can literally drive itself. It has an auto drive feature. You have to legally be awake and aware while using the auto drive feature. It is really the future of cars. When cars can drive themselves it will revolutionize the transportation industry. Then you can take your car to work and then set it to uber mode and make money on it. It will make it really cheap to get anywhere since almost every car on the road will be an uber and you won’t need to pay for the service. You’ll only have to pay for the electricity.

The problem is that most people really like the idea of an electric car because it does not burn fossil fuels. Electricity seems to be the answer to the fossil fuel issue. The problem is that most electricity comes from burning coal. Burning coal puts a ton of carbon into the atmosphere. If everyone drove an electric car and the electricity came from burning coal what would the point even be to driving electric cars. There would be less carbon if everyone just drove a gas car. The only thing that would solve this problem is if people change their electrical needs to solar, wind, and water based power sources. If people got the electricity for their cars from these sources it wouldn’t take a strain on the environment.

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Curly Hair

Your hair has the potential to say a lot about you. Does it follow through on it? Sometimes. Sometimes not. To each his (or her) own. I personally feel there is a reason why we still have hair on our head, as opposed to (almost) the rest of the body. We are one of the only hairless mammals in nature.

So, you can say that the hair on our head serves a special purpose. First of all, it is exposed more often than not. The same cannot be said to other areas where we have hair, unless you are a nudist or naturist. Respect. More power to you if you are! Anyway….

Hair. Head hair. Some of us are born with a think head of hair, some are born bald. Hair is such a strange phenomenon. It really is. And like I said, it can say a lot about you, but doesn’t necessarily have to. It is up to us whether or not we want to use our hair. People all over the world do both. Some clearly use their hair as an extension of themselves, and some don’t bother to delve that deeply into it.

Nowadays, men and women care about their hair. A lot. The fact that there is now Rogain for men and for women says a lot. Hair preoccupies peoples’ time, and there are so many, many products out there for every conceivable shape, size, type, style of hair in existence.

Curls have got to be my favorite. There is something so amazing about them, whether natural or not. But there are some great methods for curling, and unlike the sport which goes by the same name – it is awesome. Boom. Seriously, though, I have never seen a curling match. I just enjoy taking cheap shots at Canada, because I have Canadian friends. It has become a part of me already, you see.

Women with curls who straighten your hair with irons…. What is up with YOU?? What are you doing to those amazing curls? Why are you subjecting them to such torture? Why are you stopping them from fulfilling their twisted destiny? Well, look, I am not one to talk. I have wavy hair which I like, and I don’t know what it is like to walk around with curly hair. Obviously we all want a change from time to time. I just see it as a crime against hair. Can’t help it. Check out this awesome article about how to curl your hair by Maple Holistics.

So, yeah. There are several methods for curling hair, and when it comes to short hair you need to be even more cautious. How to curl short hair is a question which many people are asked. If you have short hair you can be put under the slightest of influences, and it will affect your hair in a big way.

If you decide to curl your short hair, best to use non-thermal methods at first, and try to find a look that seems more natural. That usually comes from the non-heat methods. Though this is not an absolute by any means.

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Vanessa Van Edwards talks about The Science of People. She is a lead investigator at her human behavior research lab. She designs original research experiments to crack the code of human behavior.

Her goal is to turn soft skills into hard skills and her innovative work has been featured on NPR, USA Today and Business Week. She regularly gives keynote speeches and appears in the media to  talk about her research. She has written for Fast Company, Forbes and CNN.

Vanessa discusses the 5 Habits of Exceptionally Charismatic People.

She says star quality is learn able. You can increase this. She says she wants to bust a myth that “Charismatic People are Perfect”, they are attractive, smarter or better than….

And so, the first habit she goes on to talk about is;

1. Embrace Their Imperfections. She says to use your imperfections to bond with other people, that vulnerability can actually help you be more likeable.

2. Don’t be a Conversational Narcissist. Charismatic people have a mentality shift, when they go into interaction with people all they focus on is how can they ask the most interesting questions. They don’t think about what they are going to say or how they are going to say it even or talk about themselves, they focus on how can I get this person to tell me their story.

3. Gush, Don’t Gossip. The old saying of we have two ears and one mouth. We “should” be listening more than we are speaking and what’s important about this is something called the spontaneous trait transference. What “they” and she found is that when you speak ill of someone people cannot help but associate those  negative traits to you as well as the person you are talking about. Find genuine ways to gush about people instead of gossip and it has to be genuine. For example, introducing someone is a genuine way to gush about someone, i.e. this is Louisa and she is an amazing singer and has just finished writing a play, its amazing, Or this is Brian, he always smiles at me and wishes me good-morning. It really makes my day when he acknowledges me.

4. Body Language Tips – Use Your Hands. Show Your Hands. This has relation to being more trustworthy as a person. Keep your hands visible. Eye Contact, looking into someone’s eyes. Brief interaction and keep eye-contact and don’t over-head gaze to see who is better to talk too.

I like this Woman. I had never heard of her before. She shares some very interesting points.

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Tea Tree Oil Shampoo Is Great For Your Hairs Health

The cause of psoriasis on our skin or scalp is still largely unknown and many people are still trying to figure out what triggers the onset of this irritating and sometimes painful skin disorder. Many speculate that it may have something to do with our bodies hormones and the different biological factors that contribute to the formation or growth of cells. Homeopaths and Europeans would most likely chalk this up to an increased and sustained build-up of endocrine disrupting chemicals that are introduced to our body through a variety of different conventional everyday products, as well as a genetic predisposition to the formation of the disease. So does this mean that avoiding conventional hair and skincare products can prevent the onset of psoriasis on the scalp? Not necessarily, but in truth, avoiding these chemicals will most likely increase your chances of avoiding a harsh outbreak of psoriasis or keep it within the range of a manageable health issue.

My recommendation is to stick to natural products such as tea tree essential oil shampoo simply because they’re healthier not only for topical application on the surface of your skin, but also for your general system on a day to day basis. When we use conventional shampoos, moisturizers, toners, conditioners and all the other anti-aging, cosmetic or personal hygiene products that we do on a daily basis, we’re constantly exposing our body to harsh chemicals that do more bad then good for our health. The reason why many conventional shampoo contain such a wide variety of often harsh or industrial-grade chemicals is because they make their products more effective at treating the superficial issues that plague many of our skulls on a daily basis and can help to brainwash our brains through chemically induced dreams that affect how we vote, what we eat and what we consider ‘cool’. This is directly related to our need to consume really harmful chemicals on a regular basis and should be blamed on marketing.

When we enjoy a nice, healthy rinse with our favorite tea tree essential oil shampoo, we actively release anti-stress hormones that destressify our lives and make our hair look more late 80s beach running commercials and dodge viper rentals for the weekend.  So if you’ve been struggling with psoriasis, then you probably need to switch to a natural product such as soon as possible, rethink your life and consider divorcing your wife (if she’s the one who’s been recommending that you wash your head and mind with harsh conventional chemical products on a regular basis). Maybe love doesn’t run it’s colors, but if you enjoy dyeing your hair, then you should probably also be using tea tree essential oil because culture cannot be culture if you try to kill all the things that make culture culture in the first place. Although germs are not good and tea tree essential oil is good at preventing the onset of germs, avoiding the need to scrub your mind with pointless and harsh chemicals is probably better for your life and the lives of those around (possibly even all humanity at this point).

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Argan Oil Has Its Ways

There so many essential oils out there, and they are used for a variety of purposes. Whether it is for medical, cosmetic, or therapeutic reasons, the right essential oil at the right time can provide relief and vitality.

Every day, more people are starting businesses in the health and wellness industry. This means a few things, but for the everyday consumer, it means lower prices, and often – freebies! You can sign up to a newsletter or what not, and receive free samples of different products. Many times, these will be sent to you, and the company will ask for a genuine review of the product. This is one marketing strategy that I can get behind. No paying for reviews, no shady deals, and no link-pushing. You like it? Let others know. You didn’t like it? Let us know how we can improve. Simple.

So, I ended up ordering an argan oil hair conditioner. This was in the recent winter, and I felt I needed something new to spruce up my locks. It did the job nicely. I sent them a review, gave them a 4 out of 5 (because I felt it was a bit too watery when it first arrived), and I have been enjoying their products in the summer too. This is not a marketing blog, so I am not going to name names. But let’s just say that argan essential oil is one which I can see does a lot of good for my hair and my scalp. I was never really prone to dandruff, but I would occassionally flake, especially in the winter. And after using this conditioner several times – I wash once a week – I saw that there was a better feeling, and less flakes overall. I guess I needed some argan and lavender in my body.

Getting free samples of cosmetics products is great. It lets you experiment with various substances and consistencies, without spenidng a dime. Plus, sometimes, there will be an e-book or newslater which can help you grow a bit smarter. Sometimes. This does not apply to all companies. Some of them could be scams, no doubt. Not sure how that works, really, but I never felt cheated or otherwise wronged by any of these companies. Some of them had better products than others, and I know this because I gave each one of them a try, or sometimes more than a try. These sample products are often enough for a while, since some products are only used once or twice a week. Honeydew products has amazing products and if your interested in a free sample check them out!

Being able to try out different substances and seeing which ones are the ones which you react best to – this is what is so great about the internet. You help these companies out by providing a real review, and they help you by sending you products to try out. I see it as a win-win. Obviously, if the website or company look shady, steer clear. Another thing? Don’t trust everything you read online. Not even this blog post! 🙂 Check out shop natures design facebook page as well as all of their amazing products.

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Essential Oils

T here are so many essential oils to choose from, no matter the situation. There are some which I have been using for many things: lavender, rosemary, peppermint. Some of them, I discover through my herbal medicine guy, who is also into aromatherapy. I go for an annual checkup with an MD and an alternative medicine practitioner. I get my blood taken and tested, I give blood (if everything’s okay with the test), and I get a quasi-physical done by both. I am young enough to be able to skip over major things, and being in shape doesn’t hurt either.

I try and keep my body in motion, take steps instead of elevators, and stay away from certain foods. I believe that as long as you keep things in moderation, there is a good chance you will be able to beat the odds. But, then again, there is a lot you can’t factor in, because we just don’t know. Maybe I will live to a ripe old age, with my mind and body in tact. Maybe not. All happens as the Force wills it.

There are no magical solutions here. You can’t expect to be in perfect health and prime condition, if you mistreat yourself. There are exceptions to every rule, but generally speaking it is a difficult thing to keep up. You need to keep things under your control, because if you don’t, it could be to your detriment. I am not trying to scare you. I don’t have to. You don’t need to be a scientist to see what people are dying from these days. No, sir. Honeydew products is your one stop shop to begin your healthy lifestyle.

Essential oils seem like such a small change, but in fact they can make a significant difference. There is a lot that goes on under the surface. Literally, under the surface of our skin. We need to start focusing some more on what goes on under the hood of our ride, our vessel, our body. It is the most important tool we have, and it is up to us to keep it as healthy as can be. There is a lot controversy over what healthy really is. Take the food group pyramid for example. It is affected by Corporate America’s needs and desires. No point in denying that. The dairy and meat industries are huge. They have a lot of say, and that’s no joke. And there is no point in denying it, either.

How can we be sure that what we are doing is the best thing for us? We can’t. All we can do is try to be more aware of what it is that our bodies are trying to signal to us. We need to let our food be our medicine, as much as possible, and to trust out feelings. The next time you have a headache, try inhaling some sage instead of popping an advil. This is how healing starts. I am not complete abstinence from modern medicine, but I am saying more awareness of ourselves and our bodies.

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Pistols Used For Hunting

Pistols are a way of life where I come from I have lived in the country ever since I was a kid and knowing how to operate a pistol is basic knowledge for most kids in my community. Most people would think that this is something shocking but life in the country requires you to have to know how to operate pistols and other firearms. We are hunters and as hunters we need to be able to kill what we eat. Although it is more common to hunt with a rifle or shotgun, pistol hunting is also a viable option for smaller game. My family and friends are accustomed to eating animals you may find strange or even gross. For example we eat squirrel and rabbit. Most people are used to eating meat like cow or chicken but other animals have been eaten for centuries in the wilderness.

Of course I am aware of the role of pistols in our media and public opinion but what most people don’t realize is that there is another side to firearms that has nothing to do with violence or hurting other people. As I said earlier we hunt and owning a pistol allows us to continue hunting. We don’t own guns because we think it’s a cool thing to own, our ownership is a practical one. Don’t get me wrong I think shooting a gun is a lot of fun and an important skill but the overall message I am trying to convey is one in which the pistol isn’t this horrific tool of destruction. If you are a member of PETA you may disagree but frankly when we hunt we do so in a way that treats the animal with the utmost respect. Throughout history when tribes would hunt for food they would thank the spirit of the animal for the gift it had bestowed. It’s a respect thing. For me hunting for fun is not cool. If you kill to just kill it is a waste of life. That is why whatever I hunt I use everything from its body for some kind of purpose. The meat is either cooked or dried into jerky and the hide is tanned to be used later for either clothes or other garments. The bones and other parts are used for other things.

Another reason I find pistol ownership to be important is for protection from outside harm. When you live in the country in remote areas help isn’t always close and you need to be able to protect yourself from any threat. When you responsibly own any firearm you assure yourself that protection. It could be a bear or a human threat but the bottom line is when you know how to use your pistol that threat can be stopped. To learn more about guns check out

Thanks for taking the time to read my article. My focus was to show you that there is another side to pistols that isn’t shown on the news. There is a huge community of gun owners that are responsible and use their pistols, rifles, etc for practical things other than violence towards other people.

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