Curly Hair

Your hair has the potential to say a lot about you. Does it follow through on it? Sometimes. Sometimes not. To each his (or her) own. I personally feel there is a reason why we still have hair on our head, as opposed to (almost) the rest of the body. We are one of the only hairless mammals in nature.

So, you can say that the hair on our head serves a special purpose. First of all, it is exposed more often than not. The same cannot be said to other areas where we have hair, unless you are a nudist or naturist. Respect. More power to you if you are! Anyway….

Hair. Head hair. Some of us are born with a think head of hair, some are born bald. Hair is such a strange phenomenon. It really is. And like I said, it can say a lot about you, but doesn’t necessarily have to. It is up to us whether or not we want to use our hair. People all over the world do both. Some clearly use their hair as an extension of themselves, and some don’t bother to delve that deeply into it.

Nowadays, men and women care about their hair. A lot. The fact that there is now Rogain for men and for women says a lot. Hair preoccupies peoples’ time, and there are so many, many products out there for every conceivable shape, size, type, style of hair in existence.

Curls have got to be my favorite. There is something so amazing about them, whether natural or not. But there are some great methods for curling, and unlike the sport which goes by the same name – it is awesome. Boom. Seriously, though, I have never seen a curling match. I just enjoy taking cheap shots at Canada, because I have Canadian friends. It has become a part of me already, you see.

Women with curls who straighten your hair with irons…. What is up with YOU?? What are you doing to those amazing curls? Why are you subjecting them to such torture? Why are you stopping them from fulfilling their twisted destiny? Well, look, I am not one to talk. I have wavy hair which I like, and I don’t know what it is like to walk around with curly hair. Obviously we all want a change from time to time. I just see it as a crime against hair. Can’t help it. Check out this awesome article about how to curl your hair by Maple Holistics.

So, yeah. There are several methods for curling hair, and when it comes to short hair you need to be even more cautious. How to curl short hair is a question which many people are asked. If you have short hair you can be put under the slightest of influences, and it will affect your hair in a big way.

If you decide to curl your short hair, best to use non-thermal methods at first, and try to find a look that seems more natural. That usually comes from the non-heat methods. Though this is not an absolute by any means.

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Vanessa Van Edwards talks about The Science of People. She is a lead investigator at her human behavior research lab. She designs original research experiments to crack the code of human behavior.

Her goal is to turn soft skills into hard skills and her innovative work has been featured on NPR, USA Today and Business Week. She regularly gives keynote speeches and appears in the media to  talk about her research. She has written for Fast Company, Forbes and CNN.

Vanessa discusses the 5 Habits of Exceptionally Charismatic People.

She says star quality is learn able. You can increase this. She says she wants to bust a myth that “Charismatic People are Perfect”, they are attractive, smarter or better than….

And so, the first habit she goes on to talk about is;

1. Embrace Their Imperfections. She says to use your imperfections to bond with other people, that vulnerability can actually help you be more likeable.

2. Don’t be a Conversational Narcissist. Charismatic people have a mentality shift, when they go into interaction with people all they focus on is how can they ask the most interesting questions. They don’t think about what they are going to say or how they are going to say it even or talk about themselves, they focus on how can I get this person to tell me their story.

3. Gush, Don’t Gossip. The old saying of we have two ears and one mouth. We “should” be listening more than we are speaking and what’s important about this is something called the spontaneous trait transference. What “they” and she found is that when you speak ill of someone people cannot help but associate those  negative traits to you as well as the person you are talking about. Find genuine ways to gush about people instead of gossip and it has to be genuine. For example, introducing someone is a genuine way to gush about someone, i.e. this is Louisa and she is an amazing singer and has just finished writing a play, its amazing, Or this is Brian, he always smiles at me and wishes me good-morning. It really makes my day when he acknowledges me.

4. Body Language Tips – Use Your Hands. Show Your Hands. This has relation to being more trustworthy as a person. Keep your hands visible. Eye Contact, looking into someone’s eyes. Brief interaction and keep eye-contact and don’t over-head gaze to see who is better to talk too.

I like this Woman. I had never heard of her before. She shares some very interesting points.

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